Case Study : My Nearest Covid Test Provider

My Nearest Covid Test Provider  is an online directory helping everyone who is Covid negative to have the freedom to work, to travel on holiday, and to participate in public events and activities like music festivals, and social gatherings of all kinds in public places.

In addition, we are helping everyone who cannot or will not participate in free NHS Test and Trace tests with a free Directory so they can find the nearest private covid test provider to them

'Find My Nearest Private Covid Test Provider' Directory

Free Location Listing – Appear nearer the top of the list when the person is near your location

Add Your Location and Address Details to the Directory

If you are a registered covid test provider company on the government public registration list, your organisation’s name is already on our free directory at no cost to you whatsoever.

But if you want your organisations to appear nearer the top of the list when the person is near your location, then just provide us your business address and postcode to show up on any member location based searches near you.

Its free – just click on the button.

Your Directory Listing will include instant contact options for customers:

We will help you set up a free Telegram business account for instant customer enquiries and support

Customer Notification and Feedback
Optional Add-on

We will help you set up and configure your own online business channel to broadcast important updates and notifications to your and customers easily as often as you want.

You will be able to use this channel to ask your customers for important feedback that is instantly collected for you to use to.