Mobilize for Festivals and Events

Activity Updates, Requests,Festival Guest Channel

Smartphone Updates and Requests

We will help you set up smartphone updates and requests entry features with your first local area group to get started, but you can add more local groups ( teams) to your area.

Festival Guest Channel

Mobilize guests before during and after Festival
Share Updates instantly- no SMS costs or email needed
Ask questions, invite participation - No SMS costs or email needed

Area Admin Dashboard

One Area Admin Dashboard is included with your license

Area Admin Googlesheet spreadsheet

We will help you connect your google docs account to add a google sheet that automatically displays all the encounter and patrol log entry records that each of your groups ( teams) create.

Familiarisation and Questions

We will give you access to a support links to answer questions and provide support if there is a problem with Brightlynk.

We’ll be in touch immediately to have an introductory chat and answer any questions you have

Festival license enquiry


Contact us for pricing. 

Why does Brightlynk Encounters use an internet messaging service called Telegram?

Telegram is similar to WhatsApp, but better and much cheaper for large numbers of team members to report Encounters and Patrol log entries. You never need to stop using WhatsApp or other applications in order to use Telegram for Encounter and Patrol log entry.

In addition to Encounters and Patrol log entries, you can send and receive private chat messages with your team members, admin, and coordinator just like other applications such as WhatsApp.

Telegram has over 600 million users all around the world now, and is a very secure and stable application. Telegram doesn't charge for using its API, so we can keep subscription license prices lower.

Internet chat messaging groups are already the most popular way for people to communicate

Did you know that the number of  internet chat messages on Telegram, WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger now exceeds the number of phone calls and emails?

People still use their phones, but more  people prefer to use chat messaging and voice and video chat features to communicate  rather than sending emails and dialling telephone numbers.

Instant messaging applications are free and easy to use, but organisations often still use expensive  telephone systems and call centres, and email to communicate with the people they serve, without realising that the people they serve already use internet messaging, and the organisation can use free instant messaging too.


Local Area License

£ 20 Monthly
  • Includes Encounters & Patrol log Entry
    for team members
  • Includes Dashboard & GoogleSheet data table
  • up to 20 local teams per local area
    (if you need more talk to us)
  • We help you configure your internet accounts