How to add a new distributor. In order for a distributor to use PartChaser, you must
  • 1. Create the Distributor Details – name , address, main telephone and ?????. this creates a Distributor Listing.
  • 2.Each distributor listing on PartChaser must have an ‘owner’ account and claim the distributor listing you just created on PartChaser. The owner will be verified by :-
  • 3.That ‘owner’ can then ask their people to join PartChaser, or create user accounts for them and they can all start to create requests for parts and to respond to other distributors who are looking for parts.
  • 4. The owner will be in charge of those accounts and be able to oversee the activity.
If you don’t have the details of the contact at the distributor, you can :-

1. Send them a link to this page – click here (page with form), where they can register and claim the listing. You will then be sent an email to manually verify them.