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Turn your social media into an effective  business tool.


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A Single Platform to Mobilize Your Audience and Your Teams

Mobilize your audience and teams- through internet messaging.

Get your message out to your audience in the moment, and collect the data you need- without paying SMS and email campaign charges.
Mobilize customers, stakeholders, teams, field staff, branches, donors, volunteers, suppliers and other stakeholders- all in the moment

Case Example: Mobilizing Community Outreach

Get your message out to your audience in the moment, and collect the feedback and data you need- through internet messaging,  Without any SMS and email campaign charges. 

Social  initiatives help a wide range of people in local communities, such as  running food banks and delivering meals to elderly.  

One amazing community initiative is called Street Pastors, providing care for vulnerable people in the nighttime economy in more than 280 towns.

Social initiatives are mainly staffed by volunteers who make a massive social impact on their communities and the lives of people who need their help.  Fundraising requires a lot of mobilization effort to be effective.

And  mobilizing can  require a lot of manual work by administrators and coordinators as team can struggle to report activities  encounters and patrol updates in a timely way. 

Mobilizing stakeholders to get involved and often to  provide funding can be a huge manual challenge, and is often hampered without good data and impactful stories on Outcome ReportsAn 

Case Example: Mobilizing Festival Teams

Brightlynk  is a simple  and very low cost way to mobilise festival teams doing ‘frontline’ activity updates before during and after Festivals.

One  amazing example is a large group of community volunteers called  Festival Angels supporting a large number of UK Festivals over the last decade. 

In 2021, the largest of these was  Leeds Festival, where Festival Angels mobilized a 200 volunteer team to provide help to festival guests such as 

  • finding campsites and  helping set up tents
  • lost property,
  •  hot drinks
  • Counselling when a festival visitor feels a little lost or overwhelmed

Brightlynk helpers are capabilities you add to internet messaging chat groups to mobilise people

Brightlynk Encounters Members can report back encounters from the field for instance community homeless, mystery shopping, feedback about services

Brightlynk Registry
Add directories and registries to your social media chat group for your members

Brightlynk Showcase
Add catalogues of your products and services directly into social media chat groups and link to special offers, and payment and donation pages.

Brightlynk Participate
Invite members to participate in events, patrols, activities and create instant participant lists based on their response

New capabilities for mobilizing people

A new way to broadcast important messages instantly to your communities of staff customers partners and stakeholders
Can include:
Request Forms
Sign up Forms
Buy and Donate Pages

Instant notifications
Clickable Messages
Team Discussions
Speed Optimised

All your requests and responses automatically viewable in downloadable Excel friendly spreadsheets, updated in realtime.

What do you want to Mobilize first?

Customers Members and Guests Communication

Are you still paying too much for phone calls, SMS, and emails that don’t work that well to coordinate and support your customers? Do you want to improve your communications with customers while you cut costs significantly?

Managing Urgent Requests

Do you receive requests, which need to be addressed immediately, contacting team members, waiting to for people to respond and clarifying they can do things when required, at the right place, with particular items etc.

Finding Needles in Haystacks

Do you spend time looking for items on or answers a daily or weekly basis, ringing, emailing , messaging. Investigating if they are correct , at the right price, can be delivered on time etc.

Making Requests and Collating Responses

Do you manage teams , contacting them to find out if they can do something on a particular day, time, immediately etc. And then correlate the answers, manage people then giving updated information

How We Work

Brightlynk can show you how to turn social media chat messaging into an organised customer support communication system, a notification broadcast channel, and instant response gathering system.

And we can work with you  to connect Brightlynk with your existing website and CRM, and add other clever things as you grow your use of Brightlynk. 

We can help you trial Brightlynk, and when you’re ready, we can help you scale up quickly and inexpensively.

Get in touch now for a completely free introductory chat to about your requirements and see how Brightlynk might work for you.

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